Gun Club: "A Devil In The Woods" (from the "Miami" album)

(note: on the verse riff play 3 plus 1/4  times E varied by some E7 licks, then 3/4 times F#,
when changing to D, play the chord straight without any variations)

intro:	E (guitar only strikes the chord once)
	then 2x E  F#  (like verse, first time bass only) 

E				F#
I can't be ...			just like
Bill, ...          	    I'm up on the
hill  ...	  	  and I can't get
down, ...			I
cry ‘cause you, ...		you
know, ... 			you know I
cry, yeah, ‘cause you will ...	never
know ...			just
D			E	
how dark ...		an
D                       E
animal can be  ------------
how dark can an animal be
dark like darkness
             G               F# A  F# D
dark like a devil out in the woods now

I saw the light that just buzzed
and I saw the man, my brain just buzzed
I cry, lost like the train I lose      
I cry, the train I never lose
just how black can an animal be?
how black can an animal be?
black like darkness
dark like a devil out in the woods now

oh, train I ride
train I ride
ride on me
oh, ride on me
yeah, lonesome train
yeah, lonesome train
ride on me
ride on me
yeah, me
oh, train

end:	E

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