Gun Club: "Bad Indian" (from the "Miami" album)

intro:	8 times E/D with the following riff
	(3 times guitar only, 1 time guitar and bass, 4 times entire band)
 E      D    E      D  E      D    E      D

(play this riff throughout the song where it says "E/D", each 4 times on verses and
8 times at the end of the chorus)

You blew me out of the south and Texas too
        A                                   E/D
I made love to California to get away from you
New York City makes you a hungry girl
              A                             E/D
now you catch up with me at the end of the world

        I don't believe you
        what are you doing down here?
        you need something new to chew
            D                     E/D
        or are you just a bad Indian?

Bad Indians they love the land they hate
eat your flesh and then forget the taste
some just got that primal drive
to consume what's theirs and seek what's mine

        I don't believe them
        and I don't believe you
        I suspect everything you do
        'cause you are like a bad Indian ... bad Indian

instrumental:   8 times E/D without guitar, just bass + drums

                Do your war dance!

instrumental:   3x   A  E
                then B  E
                8 times E/D (like intro)

Now you're stripped by the things you do
your ass is glass and I can see through you
go find somebody who ain't beat so hard
give me an overdose of the drug that you are

        You are like a ghost
        with crazy hands and mouth
        and a necklace made of eyeballs
        you are like a bad Indian... bad Indian... bad Indian... bad Indian
(the final riff is played 7 times and then end on E)

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