Gun Club: "Cry To Me" (from the "Lucky Jim" album)

play chords at the following positions
and for the licks in between pick the high strings only (at the second lick after each verse slide up from
A#m to Bm [xxx6/7,6/7,6/7]):

Bm (799777)
Em7 (779787)
G (10,10,12,12,12,10)
F#m (9,9,11,11,10,9)
F#sus4/E (x,9,11,9,12,9)
A (577655)

intro = 2x verse (first 2 times guitar only, then 2 times guitar and organ,
bass and drums come in on Em7; second verse with guitar solo)

Yes indeed, best high sympathy
         Em7                  Bm
you were down with a sourful heart
G            F#m  F#sus4/E  F#m
deep in your den
G     F#m  F#sus4/E  F#m
never end
G                A              Bm
let me be your friend, you can cry to me

Yes, it hurts with your misfortune
our misfortunes are nothing new
yes, itís true
I wanting you
yes, my wish is to be with you, you can cry to me

instrumental = 1x verse

So your man he canít agree now
well, your man ainít here at all
love has changed
it is strange
letís just rearrange and you can cry to me, yes, you can cry to me


play first two verse lines straight without the licks:

Oh, I was thinking of you
oh, I didn't bide who called   (not sure)
you are sad
makes me mad
all the love you had, you can cry to me, you can cry to me

instrumental = 2x verse

end:    4 times


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