Jeffrey Lee Pierce: "Pony Blues" [written by Charley Patton]
(from the "Ramblin Jeffrey Lee" album)

(note: Charley Patton recorded "Pony Blues" during his first recording session in June 1929,
another similar version was recorded by Son House in 1931. JLP picked lyrics from both of them.)

intro = verse

Saddle up my pony, hitch up my black mare
 A                                       E
saddle up my pony, hitch up my black mare
       B7                  E7  D#7   D7   E
gonna find me a rider in this world somewhere

She's a travelin' horse an' she don't know her name
she's a travelin' pony, she don't know her name
Lord, the way she travel is a low-down, dirty shame

Look at here, horse come on, and let's go
look at here pony, come on and let's go
come on, let's travel on down to Mexico

Somethin' here Iíve got to tell you when I get the chance
somethin' to tell you, baby, when I get a chance
I don't wanna marry, just wanna be your man

intrumental = verse

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