Gun Club: "Secret Fires" (from the "Las Vegas Story" album)

intro = 8 times C#m

C#m                      E
Touch me through your screen door
  C#m               B
I want me to remember you
 E                B
they there are behind me
not ever against the moon

Remember where we used to ride
underneath the power lines
inferno valley
when your father was alive

I worked for days and years
through the dust and the heat
I came around to see you
on highway burning feet 

I spent my days at the mill
I came home and cared for you
the year that we lived
in secret fire

instrumental = verse

I took my razor blade
I laid Rubeun in the shade
I heard the radio

I took my place in the hills
jagged with a secret fires
I called you through the valley
down along the wires

    With dust upon my eyes
    came the first day of the year
       B                       C#m
    I saw a house where no one lived

On the black land
and under red sky
you washed my hair and body
beside the firelight

So, touch me through your screen door
I want me to remember you
we struggled the year we lived in
C#m B  C#m  B C#m
secret fire

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